The Great London + Thames

New Thames Boulevard
Bridge in London

Bridge in London

The center of London is actively condensed. Therefore there it's simply impossible to squeeze any new construction. But the requirement for them constantly appears. For example, the project of architect James Gardener on bridge building through Thames, the bridge will become simultaneously and as new parkway in the center of London, and also will create set of the new areas in the same place.
High Tide Street, the new bridge through Thames, will created from several floating platforms. In these platforms also there will be infrastructural city elements: library, a concert hall, floor spaces.
Here it will be possible to go in for sports, and simply to have a rest on a bench. Here after all there will be no car nearby. Therefore air here will be pure!

The bridge over Thames

Besides, into this architectural project will be possible to add a new element and even the whole branches.

New bridge in London
Infrastructural elements
London, Thames

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