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We needed an identity that could reflect what's special about our product, capture ITV's humanness and warmth and make the brand feel alive. We needed a logo that could wrap itself around a broad range of content rather than feel like a corporate badge.

Our creative platform was born from the fact that at ITV, we don't just make TV programmes, we capture life in all its glory and put it centre stage for everyone to enjoy. The new identity needed to bridge all these areas.

ITV is home to the biggest and best loved shows and talent in British popular culture; we reflect and enhance British life and at times define it. We've never told anyone who we are or why we matter. As a result, their affection was with our shows, not the brand. We were a faceless corporation without a heart.

Our brief was to create an identity that could build an emotional connection with the nation and turn them from pure viewers into fans of ITV, not just our programming.

We required a unique and approachable identity to reflect ITV's position as a human and friendly broadcaster 'at the heart of popular culture'. We based the marque on handwriting, its curves signalling an intimacy with audiences without jeopardizing the organisation's status as large and corporate.

The logotype was divided into five segments: each of which 'picks' a different colour from its background. The ability to pick colours from the background allowed the logo to compliment its surroundings. This creates a unique innovation where no two logos are ever alike.

By Week 5 of the rebrand, 52% like or love the new logo. Prompted Awareness of the new logo is now on par with the weekly reach of ITV. Reactions are really positive; it is seen as modern and eye catching. Just over half of those who were aware of a change to ITV, either loved or liked it. When compared with other broadcasters' logos, ITV's was seen as modern, colourful, bright and attractive while BBC, Channel 4 and FIVE were stronger for being boring, old fashioned and dull.

Type of entry: Graphic Design & Design Crafts;
Category: Large Scale Logo and Visual Design;
Advertiser: ITV;
Product/Service: ITV NETWORK;
Executive Creative Director: Phil Lind (ITV Creative);
Head Of Design: Neill Pitt (ITV Creative);
Head Of Design: Mark Gouldie (ITV Creative);
Designer: Jason Ford (ITV Creative);
Designer: Joe Lewis (ITV Creative);
Brand Designer: Matt Rudd (Rudd Studio).
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