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The Immaculate Inception, or Welcome to the Dream!


I promised a break-down on Chris Nolan’s latest project, Inception, and here it is. Complete with confirmed news, rumours and cast list. Prepare to become enthused, nay, extremely intrigued.

Batman fans went into cardiac arrest last year when Nolan announced his next film would not be a third Batman instalment, rather a film he had written several years earlier. Details of the plot are being keep under tighter wraps than Tutankhamen with the actors forbidden to give away any of the details.

When asked about the movie by MTV recently, cast member and my favourite Joseph Gordon-Levitt had this to say (or not say):

"Here’s the thing… I cant wait to talk to you about [Inception] but I’ve been very specifically asked not to talk about it. I want to respect [director Chris Nolan's wishes] because I love his movies and I’m so honored and grateful to be working with him. He’s got a really specific idea and way he wants people to be presented with this thing."

This, in my humble opinion, hints there are more than a few twists which would spoil the movie if known beforehand. Here is what we know about the plot so far; a CEO-type becomes involved in a blackmailing scandal. That’s it. Actually, Nolan also described the film as being set “within the architecture of the mind”. The films genre falls under the action, sci-fi, thriller categories and Nolan is no amateur at creating an amazing story. In fact, just knowing he has penned this latest effort makes me feel in safe hands considering he has previously written these masterpieces ; The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, The Prestige, Memento, Following and Doddlebug. His wife, Emma Thomas, is teaming up with him again to produce and Nolan is also directing.

I think this guy is one of the most creative cinema masterminds working and frankly I would go and see a Pizza Hut commercial if he made it. Fanaticism aside, this sounds so very, very exciting. And interesting. Inception is being shot in five countries including Morocco and a significant portion in Kananaskis, Alberta (a rural district in the Canadian Rockies). Oh, and it has a budget of $200 million. Yeah baby, $200 MILLION!

I know what you’re thinking — there are more than 10 Worst Movie Posters titles listed here. Bingo, and I’m sure other people out there could add some more titles to this list because essentially the answer depends on what YOU see. For example, a friend said Pirates of the Caribbean was in there but I couldn’t see it so didn’t add it. Another example is the cartoon of a man wearing a ball gown. Technically this could be the movie title Cinderella Man, the boxing movie with Russel Crowe, or the Jerry Lewis classic Cinderfella — it just depends on what you see. Also, the shaking building with love hearts could be Sex and the City or the Tilda Swinton drama Love Factory. So have some fun with this. If you think you’ve seen something I haven’t then please add a comment. Since I forgot about this mission for half a year I will make it up to you by starting a new mission; next time I go to the movies I intend to yell out every title when this ad comes on. I wonder how long until I’m escorted out?

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