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Basketball Arena for the London Olympic Games
Basketball arena

Basketball Arena in London

To the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London have constructed the portable basketball arena.

The 2012 Olympic Games which will take place in London, will be rather burdensome for the British budget. For example, for the Olympic Stadium are invested more 500,000,000 pounds. Besides it, in plans the tens of Olympic objects, sport arenas, and infrastructural complexes. Among the Great Olympic objects is possible to name the Center of Water-sports (by Zaha Hadid), and the 1st Cable Car in London.

Basketball arena in London

But, if the rope-way is necessary to London and after Olympic Games, but the huge basketball stadium it's a absolute anchor for a city. So for economy of the Olympic budget the decision to build portable arena for this sport was accepted.

Portable Olympic Arena

Element of arena
2012 Olympic Arena

The project of the Basketball Arena which can accept simultaneously twelve thousand spectators, will be developed by the architectural and engineering companies: Sinclair Knight Merz, Wilkinson Eyre and KSS. The main feature of this arena consists that arena will be created from easily erected elements that has allowed to erect all complex for 15 months.

Thus, after the termination of the Olympic and Paraolympic Games this basketball stadium will be quickly disassembled. But not for ever. Further, the basketball arena can be collected again in any place.

Interior of Basketball Arena

Olympic arena, London
Basketball, London
Olympic object, London

Such portable arena will allow to save ten millions pounds. And, if it will be possible to sell this stadium it's even better.

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