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Really, there is in the world nothing original... To Take at least the project of apartment house the Whitehorse Street Apartments in London from «Studio Seilern Architects». It's the real new interpretation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!
It's good to have own garden? Yes! And architectural company «Studio Seilern Architects» suggests to London inhabitants to have own garden with vegetation!

Green London Apartment

Luxury apartments

In the most expensive apartments of this house there will be own terraces set with vegetation, luxury penthouse with open-air sunlight, and sign of paradise in the conservative London, standard apartments have balconies and panoramic windows.

Open-air Street Apartments

Besides, each apartment in «Whitehorse Street Apartments» will be connected to system of natural ventilation. And illumination in house premises will be made as more as possible natural — the big panoramic windows, a glass roof and open-air loggias.

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