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My Friend and Bodyguard from London

The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog refers to a short-haired breed of dog (subgroup molosses & mastiffs). The standart refers to the breed of bodyguards and companion dog. The English bulldog was bred in the second half of the 19th century, based on the breed of an old-English bulldog. The English Bulldog has a strong character and is considered the national dog of England.

The English Bulldog, long time was known as aggressive and fearless «dog VS bull», but today it's the just respectable decorative dog. Loyal & intelligent dog, he is perfect as a companion. The Bulldog appreciates a permanent human attention. Dogs of this breed is considered as a dominant, though, tend to behave safely (except castrated males).

The English Bulldogs establish a strong bond with his family. Always faithful to one owner and ready to defend it interests. Good-natured, and, with a quiet mind — he gets along well with other dogs and pets. The English bulldogs are smart, well trainable, but very stubborn and lazy, so — I wish you patience, a potential dog owner. Anyhow, the English bulldog is the great friend and the loyal bodyguard.

Respectable Dog from England
True English Bulldog
Best English Bulldog
My English Bulldog
The English Dog
The Dog from England

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